Fully water-soluble nextCBD Inside™

Resellers, Retailers and Distributors

Thanks to our rigorous quality standards and patented nextCBD Technology™, HYGIA is the leading brand for truly water-soluble CBD in the world. Consumers trust HYGIA Nutrients with nextCBD Inside™ because we consistently provide the highest-quality fully water-soluble CBD available. With our focus on science, proven solubility, absorption data, and strict adherence to laboratory standards of quality and integrity, commercial clients trust HYGIA to deliver on our promises.

HYGIA Nutrients with nextCBD Inside™ can be shipped in the form of powder or liquid, chewable tablets, soft gels or sprays. Truly water-soluble CBD is provided at wholesale prices for resellers, retailers and distributors.

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nextCBD Inside for Manufacturers

Ingredient buyers choose HYGIA for truly water-soluble CBD

Manufacturers want and need consistently superior raw materials to make their products the best they can be. HYGIA delivers truly water-soluble CBD of unequaled quality and bioavailability, backed by scientific data that our competitors simply don’t have. Over 90 percent of ordinary CBD is destroyed during digestion; by contrast, our unique technology-driven formulation process ensures that over 90 percent of CBD ingested actually reaches the bloodstream and then to sites in the body where it can achieve the desired response. And we can prove it. This makes HYGIA the obvious choice for ingredient buyers and manufacturers seeking only the very highest-quality, fully water-soluble bulk CBD.

nextCBD Inside for:

  • Nutritional supplement manufacturers
  • Food and beverage companies
  • Pet supplement makers
  • Skin-care product manufacturers

To make the world’s highest-quality CBD, we source it from our exclusive cultivar of agricultural hemp and produce it using our patented nextCBD Technology™, making it truly water-soluble and bioavailable.

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