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Ariel Strahovsky, B.Che.E., M.B.A.

Chief Technology Officer & Israel Director

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CBD interacts with receptors in the body that regulate important bodily functions

CBD Facts

Did you know? Science supports the premise that CBD is beneficial to human health. A growing number of scientists and healthcare professionals are exploring the potential of CBD for promoting well-being and overall health. Their findings are published in scientific and medical journals.

Our unique, patented nextCBD Technology™ significantly amplifies CBD absorption into the bloodstream and achieves the desired response by the body. This key aspect of HYGIA products helps to ensure predictable and consistent results. The Company’s ability to produce CBD with our patented bio-enhancement technology will fulfill largely unmet needs in the nutraceutical, dietary supplement, and beverage industries.

The demand for CBD has skyrocketed as consumers have learned more about it. Still, CBD remains a scarce, very expensive commodity. Quality and quantity are in very short supply, as the small amounts available typically are of questionable content and low Total Bioavailability. Fortunately for consumers worldwide, HYGIA stands ready to produce vast quantities of the highest-quality CBD achievable.

HYGIA has created a unique, proprietary hemp cultivar that is exceptional for its copious yield of CBD. The Company has also developed innovative and patented technologies that dramatically reduce the time needed for making CBD products.

CBD coupled with our exclusive nextCBD Technology™ does not degrade in the stomach, as does ordinary CBD. Also, our patent-protected technology greatly enhances the transport of CBD to the bloodstream and then to sites in the body where it can achieve the desired response.

Over 1,500 studies on CBD and how it works in the body have appeared in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
CBD impacts pathways that regulate the immune system, heart function, pain, cell growth, sugar metabolism and more.
CBD can especially abundant in agricultural hemp, which is grown for food and fiber around the world.

Hemp Is Packed with Complex Chemistry

HYGIA Nutrients has the expertise and breakthrough technologies to give you and your family confidence in our scientific integrity and the value of every HYGIA Nutrients product.

Terpenes / Terpenoids

  • α-Bisabolol
  • Borneol
  • Camphene
  • Camphor
  • Δ3-Carene
  • β-Caryophyllene
  • α-Cedrene
  • β-Eudesmol
  • Geraniol
  • Guaiol
  • α-Humulene
  • Limonene
  • Over 150 more

Other Terpenes / Terpenoids Found in Agricultural Hemp

  • Cannabichromene
  • Cannabichromivarin
  • Cannabicyclol
  • Cannabidiol
  • Cannabidivarin
  • Cannabigerol
  • Cannabigerovarin
  • Cannabinol
  • Cannabitriol
  • Cannabivarin
  • Many More

Other Substances

  • Apigenin
  • Borneol
  • α-Cadinene
  • Cannabisin-A
  • Cannflavin-A
  • N-trans-Caffeoyltyramine
  • Docosanoic Acid
  • Epifriedelanol
  • β-Eudesmol
  • N-trans-Feruloyltyramine
  • Grossamide
  • Kaempferol
  • Over 100 more

Public Opinion Has Shifted

Over half the states and the District of Columbia, along with dozens of countries, have legalized CBD. The number of Americans taking CBD for health reasons is in the millions and rapidly increasing.

What is Total Bioavailability?

Total Bioavailability™ means the degree to which an active ingredient becomes available for its desired purpose after entering the body. It has two components:

  • Blood bioavailability, the amount of an active ingredient that reaches the bloodstream; and
  • Functional bioavailability, the amount that actually exerts its health-enhancing effects.

Typically, as much as 95 percent of ordinary CBD is destroyed on its way to the bloodstream. Then, only a fraction of what gets there yields any effects. Without efficient Total Bioavailability, ordinary CBD products are of limited use.

By applying sound scientific methods, our researchers in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have made Total Bioavailability uniquely efficient.

This is a truly groundbreaking achievement in using CBD to improve health and longevity. Studies show that CBD coupled with our exclusive nextCBD Technology™ does not degrade in the stomach, as does ordinary CBD. Also, our patent-protected technology greatly enhances the transport of CBD to the bloodstream and then to sites in the body where it can achieve the desired response, hence, nextCBD Inside™.

HYGIA Nutrients’ vastly superior Total Bioavailability multiplies the strength of our products far beyond the reach of competitors. The profound advances made by doing credible science have positioned us to be the global leader in setting industry standards for quality, performance and Total Bioavailability. The implications of our advances for transforming CBD use are beyond calculation.

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