Summer is a period of vacation, sunbathing on the beach and hot sex. But there are cases when the desire to be at the sun lights for a long time leads to skin burning. For lovers of sex, there are several poses for men health, which will not cause discomfort to damaged skin, and will deliver an endless pleasure, writes expert from canadian pharmacy website.

If your back has burnt, the best option to help sexual life is to choose the position of the rider. This is the best way to get to g-spot and control the depth and pace of penetration. Lotus adhesion will suit those girls who do not like to climb on the partner from above.

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For mutual pleasure, it is only necessary to sit opposite each other, twisting legs. Just keep in mind that in such a position, you can automatically want to cuddle, so it will be safer to lean back, leaning on your hands. When choosing the pose of an inverted rider, the partner will be able to stimulate your buttocks, and do not touch the burnt back. If you have completely burned legs, you should pick up such an option, where you do not need to strain them.

Perfectly suited to the standing position – you need to stand up, bend slightly in the lower back, and allow the partner to stand behind. In case you have burned breasts and stomach, the best option is, as it is necessary to protect yourself and create a minimum of skin contact with the skin.