//Cannabinoid facts: Did you know?

Cannabinoid facts: Did you know?

Science supports the premise that Cannabinoids are beneficial to human health. A growing number of scientists and healthcare professionals are exploring the potential of phytocannabinoids for promoting well-being and overall health. Their findings are published in scientific and medical journals.

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Our unique, patented nextHEMP Technology™ significantly amplifies phytocannabinoid absorption into the bloodstream and achieves the desired response by the body. This key aspect of HYGIA products helps to ensure predictable and consistent results. With our patented bio-enhancement technology our company’s ability to produce cannabinoids will fulfill largely unmet needs in the nutraceutical, dietary supplement, and beverage industries.

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The demand for specific Cannabinoids has skyrocketed as consumers have learned more about it. Still, it remains a scarce, very expensive commodity. Quality and quantity are in very short supply, as the small amounts available typically are of questionable composition and low bioavailability. Fortunately for consumers worldwide, HYGIA stands ready to produce vast quantities of the highest-quality Cannabinoids, with Total Bioavailability.

HYGIA has created a unique, proprietary hemp cultivar that is exceptional for its copious yield of specific Phytocannabinoids. The Company has also developed innovative and patented technologies that dramatically reduce the time needed for making these products.

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Most cannabinoids degrade in the stomach without the applied science of our exclusive nextHEMP Technology™. Hemp Extracts, coupled with our patent-protected technology, will greatly enhance the transport of this Phytocannabinoid into the bloodstream; and, then to sites in the body where it can achieve the desired response and effects.

Cannabinoid Facts
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