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Who is HYGIA?

HYGIA Nutrients, Inc., was founded by accomplished scientists committed to supplying the growing demand for phytocannabinoids in the most bioavailable forms possible. We have focused on the applied science needed for maximizing the benefits of phytocannabinoids and other associated super nutrients.

The HYGIA Standard

Our Concentrates are sourced from agricultural hemp. We proudly make all of our products in the USA.

The demand for products containing specific Cannabinoids is intense, global, and rapidly increasing. In fact, demand greatly exceeds current reserves. Consequently, most of what’s available is substandard in quality; or, questionable at best.

HYGIA Nutrients will supply the growing worldwide demand for phytocannabinoids with standardized products that meet or exceed our consumer’s needs for quality and consistency. This commitment will position HYGIA Nutrients as the world leader in cannabinoid standardization and quality.

While no HYGIA Nutrients product(s) have been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, we strive for the highest achievable standards for quality.

What makes HYGIA different?

Our World-Renowned Scientists

have worked for years to make credible, science-based Cannabinoid products a reality. These efforts have led to the discovery and refinement of breakthrough methods for producing Phytocannabinoids with maximum Total Bioavailability™.

In our research of other ordinary hemp-based cannabinoid products we have found that as much as 95 percent of ordinary Cannabinoids are destroyed on their way to the bloodstream. These products provide only a fraction of the positive effects realized from cannabinoid products. Without efficient Total Bioavailability™, ordinary cannabinoid products are of limited use.

By applying sound scientific methods, our researchers in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have made Total Bioavailability uniquely efficient

HYGIA Nutrients’ vastly superior Total Bioavailability multiplies the strength of our products far beyond the reach of competitors

This achievement is truly groundbreaking for using Phytocannabinoids to support good health and longevity. Studies show that cannabinoids coupled with our exclusive nextHEMP Technology™ do not degrade in the stomach, as do ordinary cannabinoids. In addition, our patent-protected technology greatly enhances the transport of our concentrate into the bloodstream; and, then to sites in the body where it can achieve the desired response and effects. Hence, nextHEMP Inside™.

HYGIA Nutrients’ vastly superior Total Bioavailability™ multiplies the strength of our products far beyond the reach of competitors. These profound advancements in applied science have positioned us to be the global leader for setting industry standards with quality, performance and Total Bioavailability™. Our progress, and what it implies for transforming the use of cannabinoids is beyond comparison.

Leadership Team

Credible Science

Mark J. Rosenfeld, M.S., Ph.D

CEO & Chief Science Officer

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Nissim Garti, M.S., Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

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Garyn Angel

Chief Strategy Officer

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Christopher Moore, BCA (Hons)


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